You'll Never Guess What These Four Friends Did. The Answer Will Surprise You

You guys, we started a podcast. 

It is not very good yet.

We drank some beers and had a lot of fun. Come along with us for the ride and we figure this thing out. Our plan is to talk about sports mostly -- probably Louisiana sports mostly -- and we want to post a new episode every week. We sort of have a format now where we talk about the beer we're drinking, then move on to sports, veer off into other bullshit, and then back to sports, and then talk about local stuff happening.

The first episode was unfortunately just Jacob, Will, and Geoff as Matt was out of town in Austin to stock up on Miller Chill and something about a huge music festival or whatever. He'll be on next week.

We hope to start getting guests on in the future, probably friends of ours, but maybe people you've heard of too! Once we get settled in, we'll start exploring expanding the show. Our goal is 45-60mins of show.

So, let us know what you think!